One pint sweet milk, whites of three eggs, two table-spoons cornstarch, three of sugar, and a little salt. Put the milk in a pan or small bucket, set in a kettle of hot water on the stove, and when it reaches the boiling point add the sugar, then the starch dissolved in a little cold milk, and lastly the whites of eggs whipped to a stiff froth; beat it, and let cook a few minutes, then pour into teacups, filling about half full, and set in cool place. For sauce, make a boiled custard as follows: Bring to boiling point one pint of milk, add three table-spoons sugar, then the beaten yolks thinned by adding one table-spoon milk, stirring all the time till it thickens; flavor with two tea-spoons lemon or two of vanilla, and set to cool. In serving, put one of the molds in a sauce-dish for each person, and pour over it some of the boiled custard. Or the pudding may be made in one large mold.

To make a chocolate pudding, flavor the above pudding with vanilla, remove two-thirds of it, and add half a cake of chocolate softened, mashed, and dissolved in a little milk. Put a layer of half the white pudding into the mold, then the chocolate, then the rest of the white; or two layers of chocolate may be used with a white between; or the center may be cocoa (made by adding half a cocoa-nut grated fine), and the outside chocolate; or pine-apple chopped fine (if first cooked in a little water, the latter makes a nice dressing), or strawberries may be used. - Mrs. D. Buxton.