To one pint of rich milk put two ounces butter and spoon of yeast. Make it warm, and mix enough fine flour to make a light dough; roll thin and cut in long pieces, two inches broad. Prick well, and bake in slow oven. - Effie A. Adams, Quincy, Ills.

English Crumpets

One quart warm milk, one teaspoon salt, half cup yeast, flour enough for a not very stiff batter. When light add half a cup melted butter, let stand twenty minutes, and bake in muffin rings or cups. - Mrs. G. W. M.

Wheaten Gems

Mix one tea-spoon baking-powder and a little salt into one pint flour; add to the beaten yolks of two eggs one tea-cup sweet milk or cream, a piece of butter (melted) half the size of an egg, the flour with baking-powder and salt mixed, and the well-beaten whites of the two eggs. Beat well, bake immediately in gem-pans in a hot oven, and take out and send to the table immediately. - Mrs. Gib Hillock,

Wheat Muffins

Mix one pint milk, two eggs, three table-spoons yeast, and salt-spoon of salt, with flour enough to make a stiff batter; let rise four or five hours and bake in muffin-rings in a hot oven, for about ten minutes. This recipe may be made with Graham flour, by adding two table-spoons of molasses, and is excellent. - Mrs. G. W. Mar chant.


Take one quart of flour, a tea-spoon of salt, a table-spoon of melted butter, and milk enough to make a thick batter. Mix thoroughly. Add two well-beaten eggs, and one measure each of acid and soda (or two heaping tea-spoons acid and one moderately heaping tea-spoon soda) of Horsford's Bread Preparation; stir well, and bake at once in waffle-irons.

Quick Waffles

Two pints sweet milk, one cup butter (melted), sifted flour to make a soft batter; add the well-beaten yolks of six eggs, then the beaten whites, and lastly (just before baking) four tea-spoons baking powder, beating very hard and fast for a few minutes. These are very good with four or five eggs, but much better with more. - Mrs.

€. W. Morey.

Raised Waffles

One quart flour, one pint sweet, luke-warm milk, two eggs, a able-spoon melted butter, tea-spoon salt, half tea-cup good yeast - Mrs. L. S. Williston, Heidelburg, Germany.

Rice Waffles

Boil half a pint of rice and let it get cold, mix with it one-fourth pound butter and a little salt. Sift in it one and a half pints flour, beat five eggs separately, stir the yolks together with one quart milk, add whites beaten to a stiff froth, beat hard, and bake at once in waffle-iron. - Mrs. S. C. Lee, Baltimore, Md.

Sweet Wafers

One pint flour, one tea-cup sugar, three eggs, one table-spoon butter, flavor with lemon, mix into a batter same as for cake, and bake in wafer-irons.

French Crackers

One and a half pounds each of flour and sugar, three-fourths pound butter, whites of five eggs; before cooking wash over with egg and dip in sugar.

Egg Crackers

Six eggs, twelve table-spoons sweet milk, six table-spoons butter, half tea-spoon soda; mold with flour half an hour, and roll thin. - Mrs. J. S. Robinson.