Cream Sauce

Heat one table-spoon butter in a skillet, add a tea-spoon flour, and stir until perfectly smooth, then add gradually one cup of cold milk, let boil up once, season to taste with salt and pepper, and serve. This is very nice for vegetables, omelets, fish, or sweet breads.

Curry Powder

An ounce of ginger, one of mustard, one of pepper, three of coriander seed, three of turmeric, one-half ounce cardamom, quarter ounce cayenne pepper, quarter ounce cumin seed; pound all fine, sift and cork tight. One tea-spoon of powder is sufficient to season any thing. This is nice for boiled meats and stews. - Mrs. C. Fullington.

Chili Sauce

Twelve large ripe tomatoes, four ripe or three green peppers, two onions, two table-spoons salt, two of sugar, one of cinnamon, three cups vinegar; peel tomatoes and onions, chop (separately) very fine, add the peppers (chopped) with the other ingredients, and boil one and a half hours. Bottle and it will keep a long time. Stone jugs are better than glass cans. One quart of canned tomatoes may be used instead of the ripe ones. This Chili sauce is excellent and much better and more healthful than catsups. - Mrs. E. W. Herrick,

Caper Sauce

To a pint of drawn butter, add three table-spoons of capers. Serve with boiled or roast mutton. Another method is the following: Fifteen minutes before the mutton is done, melt two tablespoons butter in a sauce-pan, stir into it one table-spoon flour; whet thoroughly mixed add half a pint of the liquor in which the mul ton is boiling, and half a pint of milk, season with pepper and salt, cook a few minutes (to swell the grains of the flour), and just before serving (in order that their color may not be lost by standing) add two heaped table-spoons capers.

Caper Butter

Chop one table-spoon of capers very fine, rub through a sieve with a wooden spoon, and mix them with a salt-spoon of salt, quarter of a salt-spoon of pepper, and one ounce of cold butter. Put a layer of this butter on a dish, and serve fish on it.

Green Tomato Sauce

Cut up two gallons of green tomatoes; take three gills black mustard seed, three table-spoons dry mustard, two and a half of black pepper, one and a half allspice, four of salt, two of celery seed, one quart each of chopped onions and sugar, and two and a half quarts good vinegar, a little red pepper to taste. Beat the spices and boil all together until well done.

Hollandaise Sauce

Beat half a tea-cup butter in a bowl to a cream, add yolks of two eggs, one by one, then juice of half a lemon, a pinch of cayenne pepper, half a tea-spoon salt; place this in a sauce-pan of boiling water, beat with an egg beater, for a minute or two, until it begins to thicken, then add one-half cup of boiling water, beating all the time. When like soft custard it is done. It will take five minutes to cook if the bowl is thin and the water boils all the time.

Lemon Sauce

Cut three slices of lemon into very small dice, and put them into drawn butter, let it come just to boiling point, and pour over boiled fowds.