Crown Tea Or Coffee Pot Stands

These are neat, simple, and perfectly adapted to the purpose, besides being very strong and durable. They are also very useful as stands for flowerpots in the house or conservatory, saving window-sills or shelves from discoloration from moisture from the pots.

Tile Tea And Coffee Stand

This stand is made of ornamented tile, set in a frame of white wire, very strong and durable. The designs on the tiles are many of them artistic, the tiles being the same used in ornamenting mantels and hearths in dwellings.


- All housewives who make butter should examine immediately the new inventions which substitute deep setting for the old-fashioned plan of setting in shallow pans. The new system is not only cleaner, but it produces as much and a better quality of butter, and does away with one-half at least of the hard work of butter making. Besides, the creameries, of which there are several good ones, take up but very little space, relieve the pantry shelves of the great number of pans required by the old way, and make a milk house unnecessary. They are not costly, and are great woman savers.

Kitchen LuxuriesCreameries 63

Spice Rack

- The cut represents a neat rack in which is set small cans containing spices. The handle is a convenience, and the rack can be set near when cakes are to be made, and when the work is done it may be set away on a shelf or in a cupboard until needed again.

Spice Cabinet

- A little bureau, about a foot high, with each drawer labeled outside, "nutmegs," "cloves," etc., and put up near where cakes, etc.. are made. It costs little, probabty about two dollars, and is a great convenience.

Wire Oyster Fork

- The short tines hold Che oyster at the end of the fork, instead of allowing the tines to slip through and project beyond the oyster. This fork is also very neat for pickles.

Pancake Lifter

- This simple and cheap lifter is a necessity if unbroken and neatly baked pancakes are a desideratum. The cost is small, and the lifter will last a life-time, and with it there is no excuse for not serving the breakfast cakes neatly.

Larding Needles

- The delicious flavor imparted to meats, game, eke., by the process of larding, described elsewhere, makes a larding needle one of the necessary implements of the kitchen. The first cut represents the needle, the last the lard (piece of salt pork cut in shape represented), and the middle the larding needle with lard inserted.

Cake Cutters

- These two engravings show a few of the many designs in cake cutters, made of tin, to give fancy forms to cakes. They may be had of all house furnishing stores, and are among the luxuries of the kitchen - very nice where they can be afforded, and they are not very costly. The effect is very pretty when different or even a single fancy form is used.

The Dover Egg Beater is generally regarded as the best in the market, and we know of no rival that has all its excellencies. It is not costly, and is very durable. By an ingenious contrivance the inner circle revolves in a contrary direction to the outer circle. With this the egg beating is a very simple matter.