Cucumber Catsup

Three dozen cucumbers and eighteen onions peeled and chopped very fine; sprinkle over them three-fourths pint table-salt, put the whole in a sieve, and let drain well over night; add a tea-cup mustard seed, half tea-cup ground black pepper; mix well, and cover with good cider vinegar. - Mrs. Hattie Clemmons, Asheville, N. G.

Currant Catsup

Four pounds nice fully-ripe currants, one and a half pounds sugar, table-spoon ground cinnamon, a tea-spoon each of salt, ground cloves and pepper, pint vinegar; stew currants and sugar until quite thick, add other ingredients, and bottle for use.

Gooseberry Catsup

Nine pounds gooseberries, five pounds sugar, one quart vinegar, three table-spoons cinnamon, one and a half each allspice and cloves. The gooseberries should be nearly or quite ripe. Take off blossoms, wash and put them into a porcelain kettle, mash thoroughly, scald and put through the colander, add sugar and spices, boil fifteen minutes, and add the vinegar cold; bottle immediately before it cools. Ripe grapes prepared by same rule, make an excellent catsup. - Mrs. Col. W. P. Reid, Delaware, Ohio.

Tomato Catsup

Half bushel tomatoes, four ounces salt, three ounces ground black pepper, one ounce cinnamon, half ounce ground cloves, one drachm 9 cayenne pepper, one gallon vinegar; slice the tomatoes and stew in their own liquor until soft, and rub through a sieve fine enough to retain the seeds; boil the pulp and juice down to the consistency of apple-butter (very thick), stirring steadily all the time to prevent burning; then add the vinegar with which a small tea-cup sugar and the spices have been mixed, boil up twice, remove from fire, let cool and bottle. Those who like the flavor of onions may add about half a dozen medium-sized ones, peeled and sliced, fifteen minutes before the vinegar and spices are put in. - Mrs. M. M. Munsell, Delaware,

Bread Sauce

Place a sliced onion and six pepper-corns in half a pint of milk over boiling water, until onion is perfectly soft; pour it on half a pint of bread crumbs without crust, and leave it covered for an hour; beat it smooth, add pinch of salt, and two table-spoons butter rubbed in a little flour; add enough sweet cream or milk to make it the proper consistency, and boil a few* minutes. It must be thin enough to pour. - Mrs. J. L. T., Denver, Col.

Bread Sauce

Half pint grated bread crumbs, one pint sweet milk, and one onion; boil until the sauce is smooth, take out onion and stir in two spoons butter with salt and pepper; boil once and serve with roast duck or any kind of game. - Mrs. H. C. E.

Celery Sauce

Scrape the outside stalks of celery and cut in pieces an inch long, let stand in cold water half hour, then put in boiling water enough to cover, and cook until tender; drain off water and dress with butter, salt, and milk or cream, thickened with a little flour: Or, make a dressing by adding to half pint milk or cream, the well-beaten yolks of two eggs, a bit of butter, and a little salt and pepper or grated nutmeg; bring just to boiling point, pour over stewed celery, and serve with roast duck. - Mrs. A. Wilson.