Wipe the oysters dry and lay in a flat dish, cover with a mixture of melted butter, cayenne pepper (or pepper sauce), and lemon juice. Let them lie in this for ten minutes, turning them frequently; take out, roll in cracker crumbs, then in beaten egg, then in crumbs, and fry in hot lard and butter, half and half.

Escaloped Oysters.. Take crushed crackers, not too fine; drain liquor from a quart of oysters and carefully remove all bits of shell, butter a deep dish or pan, cover the bottom with crackers, put in a layer of oysters seasoned with salt and pepper and bits of butter in plenty, then a layer of crackers, then oysters, and so on until dish is full, finishing with the crackers covered with bits of butter; pour over the whole the oyster-liquor added to one pint of boiling water (boiled and skimmed), place in a hot oven, bake half an hour, add another pint of hot water, or half pint water and half pint of milk, in which a small lump of butter has been melted; bake another half hour, and, to prevent browning too much, cover with a tin or sheet-iron lid. All bread-crumbs, or a mixture of crackers and bread-crumbs may be used when more convenient. As the amount of liquor in oysters varies, and the proportion of crackers or breadcrumbs to the oysters also varies, the quantity of water must be increased or diminished according to judgment and taste. Some prefer to cook half the time given above. Boiled macaroni may be used in place of cracker-crumbs.