Color calf's-foot jelly a bright yellow by steeping a small quantity of dried saffron leaves in the water. Pare lemons in long strips about the width of a straw, boil in water until tender, throw them into a rich syrup, and boil until clear. Make a blanc-mange of cream, color one-third pink with poke-berry syrup, one-third green with spinach, and leave the other white. Pour out eggs from a hole a half inch in diameter in the large end, wash and drain the shells carefully, set them in a basin of salt to fill, and pour in the blancmange slowly through a funnel, and place the dish in a refrigerator for several hours. When ready to serve, select a round, shallow dish about as large as a hen's nest, form the jelly in it as a lining, scatter the strips of lemon peel over the edge like straws, remove the egg-shells carefully from the blanc-mange, and fill the nest with them. - Mrs. C. M. Coates, Philadelphia.

Four-Fruit Jelly. Take equal quantities of ripe strawberries, raspberries, currants, and red cherries, all should be fully ripe, and the cherries must be stoned, taking care to preserve the juice that escapes in stoning, and add it to the rest. Mix the fruit together, put it into a linen bag, and squeeze it thoroughly; when it has ceased to drip, measure the juice, and to every pint allow a pound and two ounces of the best loaf-sugar, in large lumps. Mix the juice and sugar together; put them in a porcelain-lined preserving kettle, and boil for half an hour, skimming frequently, Try the jelly by dipping out a spoon-ful, and holding it in the open air; if it congeals readily it is sufficiently done. This jelly is very fine. - Mrs. E. S. Miller.