English Carrot Pudding

One pound grated carrots, three-fourths pound chopped suet, half pound each raisins and currants, four table-spoons sugar, eight table-spoons flour, and spices to suit the taste. Boil four hours, place in the oven for twenty minutes, and serve with wine sauce. Mrs. E. A. W., Washington, D. C.

Delmonico Pudding

A quart milk, three table-spoons corn-starch dissolved in cold milk, the yolks of five eggs beaten well, six table-spoons sugar.

Boil three or four minutes, pour into a pudding-dish and bake about half an hour; beat whites of eggs with six table-spoons sugar, put over top, and return pudding to oven until it is a delicate brown. Mrs. J. Holland,

Estelle Pudding

Three eggs well beaten, two and a half table-spoons sugar, two of butter, three-fourths cup sweet milk, one of raisins chopped line, one table-spoon baking powder, flour to make it the consistency of cake batter; or, one-half measure each of Horsford's Bread Preparation and one coffee-cup flour; steam thirty-five minutes, and serve with cold cream sauce. - Mrs. Andrew Wilson

Boiled Indian Pudding

Warm a pint of molasses and pint of milk, stir well together, beat four eggs, and stir gradually into molasses and milk; add a pound of beef suet chopped fine, and Indian meal sufficient to make a thick batter; add a tea-spoon pulverized cinnamon, nutmeg and a little grated lemon-peel, and stir all together thoroughly; dip cloth into boiling water, shake, flour a little, turn in the mixture, tie up, leaving room for the pudding to swell, and boil three hours; serve hot with sauce made of drawn butter, wine, and nutmeg. - Mrs. A. E. Brand,

Baked Indian Pudding

A quart sweet milk, an ounce butter, four well-beaten eggs, teacup corn meal, half pound raisins, fourth pound sugar; scald milk and stir in meal while boiling; let stand until blood warm, stir all well together; bake one and a half hours, and serve with sauce. - Mrs. Carrier.

Kiss Pudding, Boil one quart sweet milk in custard-kettle, stir into it four heaping table-spoons sugar and four table-spoons corn starch, dissolved in a little cold water or milk, and added to the well-beaten and Strained yolks of four eggs. Have the whites of eggs beaten to a stiff froth with tea-cup pulverized sugar and one tea-spoon essence of vanilla, spread on top of pudding, set in a quick oven, and brown; take out, sprinkle with grated cocoa-nut, set dish away in a cool place; serve cold after three or four hours. The sweet liquor which settles to the bottom in cooling, serves as a sauce. - Mrs. W E. Baxter.