Boil till very tender, drain well and cut in small pieces; put it in layers with fine chopped egg and this dressing: half pint of milk thickened over boiling water, with two table-spoons of flour and seasoned with two tea-spoons of salt; one of white pepper and two ounces of butter; put grated bread over the top, dot it with small bits of butter, and place it in the oven to heat thoroughly and brown. Serve in same dish in which it was baked. This is a good way to use common heads. A nicer way is to boil them, then place them whole in a buttered dish with stems down. Make a sauce with a cup of bread-crumbs beaten to froth with two table-spoons of melted butter and three of cream or milk, one well-beaten egg and salt and pepper to taste. Pour this over the cauliflower, cover the dish tightly and bake six minutes in a quick oven, browning them nicely. Serve as above.