Squeeze the juice of one large lemon into a cup. Boil ore and one-half pounds moist white sugar, two ounces butter, one and a half tea-cups water, together with half the rind of the lemon, and when done (which may be known by its becoming quite crisp when dropped into cold water) set aside till the boiling has ceased, and then stir in the juice of the lemon, butter a dish and pour in about an inch thick. When cool take out peel (which may be dried), pull until white, draw out into sticks and check about four inches long with a knife. If you have no lemons, take two table-spoons vinegar and two tea-spoons lemon extract. The fire must be quick and the candy stirred all the time. - Mrs. J. S. R.

Hickory-nut Macaroons. Take meats of hickory-nuts, pound fine and add mixed ground spice and nutmeg; make frosting as for cakes, stir meats and spices in, putting in enough to make it convenient to handle; flour the hands and make the mixture into balls the size of nutmegs, lay them on buttered tins, giving room to spread, and bake in a quick oven. These are delicious. - Mrs. Walter Mitchell,

Hickory-nut Cakes. One egg, half cup flour, a cup sugar, a cup nuts sliced fine; drop on buttered tins one tea-spoonful in a place, two inches apart. Or, roll and bake like sand tarts. - Mrs. Lamb, Bellefontaine,