Foaming Sauce

Beat whites of three eggs to a stiff froth; melt tea-cup of sugar in a little water, let it boil, stir in one glass wine, and then the whites of the three eggs; serve at once. - Mrs. Carrie Glazier, Chicago, 111.

Jelly Sauce

Melt one ounce of sugar and two table-spoons grape jelly over the fire in a half pint of boiling water, and stir into it half a tea-spoon corn starch dissolved in a half cup cold water, let come to a boil, and it will be ready for use. Any other fruit jelly may be used instead of grape.

Lemon Sauce

Two cups sugar, two egg, juice and rind of two lemons; beat all together, and just before serving add pint boiling water; set on stove, and when at boiling point, serve. Never boil sauce after adding lemon, as it makes it bitter. Some add one-third cup ^butter and table-spoon corn starch.

Maple Sugar Sauce

Melt over a slow fire, in a small tea-cup of water, half a pint maple sugar; let it simmer, removing all scum; add four tablespoons butter mixed with a level tea-spoon flour, and one of grated nutmeg; boil for a few moments, and serve with boiled puddings. Or, make a " hard sauce " of one table-spoon butter to two of sugar.

Minnehaha Sauce

Beat, in a two quart bowl, four table-spoons butter and two thirds pint brown sugar, to a cream, with a wooden spoon; then add four table-spoons sweet cream, then the juice and grated rind 16 of a large lemon; place the bowl on top of the tea-kettle half full of boiling water; when melted to a thick creamy froth, serve.

Orange Hard Sauce

Select a thin orange, cut the skin into six equal parts, by cutting through the skin at the stem end and passing the knife around the orange to nearly the blossom end; loosen and turn each piece down and remove the orange. Extract juice and mix it with yellow sugar (prepared by dropping a drop or two of "gold coloring" on white sugar while stirring it) till a ball can be formed, which place inside the orange-peel and serve. The "gold coloring" may be omitted. Lemon sauce may be made in the same way.

Pine-apple Sauce. Mix two table-spbohs butter and four heaping table-spoons sugar (some add white of an egg), flavor with pine-apple (or any other flavoring), form a pyramid, and with a tea-spoon shape it like a pine-apple. Or, to a grated pine-apple add a very little water, simmer until quite tender, mix with it, by degrees, half its weight in sugar, boil gently for five minutes, and serve.

Strawberry Sauce

Half tea-cup of butter, one and a half tea-cups of sugar, and one pint of strawberries mashed till juicy. (Canned berries may be substituted for fresh ones). Beat the butter and sugar to a cream; then stir in the berries and the beaten white of an egg.

Vinegar Sauce

One and a half cups sugar, one and a half table-spoons flour in a little water, two table-spoons vinegar, quarter of a grated nutmeg, and a pinch of salt; pour over this one and a half pints boiling water, and boil ten minutes; just before taking from stove add one dessert-spoon of butter. - Mrs. G. W. Collins, Urbana.