Proceed as for "creaprecies." When baked place an almond macaroon (procurable at any bakers or grocers if you have none in store) in each, cover the macaroon with half quince and half red currant jelly. Next have paper cone, same as used for ornamenting a cake with frosting, fill this cone with meringue, same as used for the "creaprecies;" next drop a spoonful of meringue in the center on the jelly, then with the meringue in the paper cone drop a small cone shaped pile on the center, on what is already on the jelly; then drop five or six around it. This will give you a circle of cones with one in the center; the cones must not be too small, as they will not look well; they should be as large as a twenty-five cent piece and at least one inch in height; now return them to the oven just to color them. When cold drop just a little red currant jelly on the point of each cone. This makes one of the prettiest of fancy pastry dishes, and sets off a table wonderfully well.

I will give my method of making a beefsteak pie.