Blanch one-fourth pound best Jordan almonds, slip off the skin, mash in a mortar, and rub together with best white soap, for fifteen minutes, adding gradually one quart rose-water, or clean fresh rain-water may be used. When the mixture looks like milk, strain through fine muslin. Apply, after washing, with a soft rag. To whiten the skin, and remove freckles and tan, bathe three times a day in a preparation of three quarts water, one quart alcohol, two ounces cologne, and one of borax, in proportion of two tea-spoons mixture to two table-spoons soft water. Bathing the face in pure buttermilk, clear whey, sour milk, new or sweet milk, is soothing and healing after walking, riding, driving, rowing or sailing. Do not plunge the face into cold water, neither dash the water over the face when suffering from sunburn or exposure to wind or water; the sudden shock is not only injurious to the whole system, but has been known to permanently deface the complexion by a species of tanning which left a brown or yellow tinge impossible to efface.