Fricasseed And Fried Potatoes

Slice cold boiled potatoes, put into a dripping-pan, add milk, salt, pepper, and small lump of butter, allowing half a pint of milk to a dozen potatoes, place in oven for about fifteen minutes, stir occasionally with a knife to keep from burning; they should brown slightly on the top; or put in sauce-pan lump of butter, when melted add a level table-spoon flour, cook a few minutes and add a tea-cup new milk or cream, season with salt and pepper; when it boils, add sliced potatoes, and boil till potatoes are thoroughly heated. To fry, slice and fry in butter or ham or beef-drippings, using only enough fat to prevent sticking; sprinkle with salt, cover with tin lid so that they may both fry and steam.

Welsh Rare-Bit

- Cut thin slices of bread, remove the crust, and toast quickly; butter it, and cover with thin slices of rather new rich cheese, spread over a very little made mustard, and place on a pie-tin or plate in a hot oven till the cheese is melted, when cut in square pieces of any size desired, and serve at once on a hot platter, as it is quite spoiled if allowed to get cold. The mustard may be omitted if desired; and some think it more delicate to dip the toast quickly, after buttering, into a shallow pan of boiling water; have some cheese ready melted in a cup, and pour some over each slice. The best way to serve is to have little plates made hot, place a slice on each plate, and serve one to each person.

Yankee Dried Beef

- Slice very thin, put in frying-pan with water to cover, let come to boiling point, pour off, and add pint of milk, lump of butter, and a thickening of a little flour and milk, stir well, and, just before serving, some add an egg, stirring it in quickly; or, chip very fine, freshen, add a lump of butter and six or eight eggs, stir well, and serve at once. Cold boiled or baked beef may be sliced and cooked in the same way. 0r, after the freshening, first frizzle it in butter, dredge with flour, and add the milk. When ends or thin pieces of dried beef become too dry and hard, put in cold water and boil slowly six or eight hours, and slice when cold; or, soak over night in cold water, and boil three or four hours. Many think all dried beef is improved by this method.


1 pint contains 16 fluid ounces (4 gills).

1 ounce contains 8 fluid drachms 1/4 gill).

1 table-spoon contains about 1/2 fluid ounce.

1 tea-spoon contains about 1 fluid drachm.

A tea-spoonful (for brevity, tea-spoon is used for tea-spoonful in the recipes of this book) is equal in volume to 45 drops of pure water (distilled) at 60 deg. Fan. Teaspoons vary so much in size that there is a wide margin of difference in containing capacity.

4 tea-spoonfuls equal 1 table-spoon or 1/2 fluid ounce. 16 table-spoonfuls equal 1/2 pint.

1 wine-glass full (common size) equals 4 table-spoons or 2 fluid oz.

1 tea-cupful equals 8 fluid oz. or 2 gills.

4 tea-cupfuls equal 1 qt.

A common-sized tumbler holds about 1/2 pint.