Cut up and put on to boil, skin side down, in a small quantity of water, season with salt, pepper, and slices of an onion if liked; stew gently until tender, remove chicken, add a half pint cream or milk to gravy, and thicken with butter and flour rubbed smoothly together (adding a little of the gravy to soften and help mix them), let boil two or three minutes, add a little chopped parsley and serve. Or, first fry the chicken brown in a little hot lard, take out chicken, add a table-spoon flour, and let cook a minute, stirring constantly; add a pint water (or stock if at hand), a little vinegar or Worcestershire sauce, season with salt and pepper; when it has boiled, remove from fire, strain, add the beaten yolk of an egg, pour over the chicken and serve. Or, put chicken in sauce-pan with barely enough water to cover, stew gently until tender; have a frying-pan prepared with a few slices of salt pork, drain chicken and fry with pork until it is a fine, rich brown; take chicken and bits of pork from the pan, pour in the broth, thicken with brown flour, mixed smooth with a little water, and season with pepper; now put chicken and pork back into gravy, let simmer a few minutes, and serve very hot. - Mrs. J. H. S.