Fruit Cake

One cup butter, one of brown sugar, half pint molasses, two eggs, cup sour milk, tea-spoon soda, pound of flour, one of currants, one and a half pounds raisins. Flavor to taste. This has been thoroughly tested, and is a great favorite. - Mrs. M. E. Nicely.

Fruit Cake

Twelve eggs, one and a half pounds each of butter, sugar and flour, two pounds each of raisins and currants, one pound citron, one half-pint molasses, one ounce each of nutmeg, mace and cloves, one and a half glasses of jelly (grape is best), one-fourth pint each of wine and brandy, more flour if needed. Put dough in pans, set in steamer, taking care that the cover is made to fit very tight; if necessary put cloth under the lid and shut it down on it, taking care that it does not touch the cake, or lay several thicknesses of cloth over the lid. Steam two hours and bake one hour. - Chas. Cyphers, Minneapolis, Minn

Fruit Loaf Cake

One cup butter, two of brown sugar, one of New Orleans molasses, one of sweet milk, three eggs, five cups sifted flour, two teaspoons cream tartar in the flour, tea-spoon soda in the milk, tablespoon cinnamon, one nutmeg, one pound raisins, one of currants, quarter pound citron (citron may be omitted, and half the quantity of raisins and currants will do). Put flour in a large crock, mix well with cream tartar, make a well in the center, put in other ingredients, having warmed the butter and molasses a little; mix well together with the hands, putting in the fruit last after it has been floured; bake two hours in a moderate oven. This will make two common-sized loaves. - Mrs. N. S. Long.

Fruit Cake

Three pounds butter, three of brown sugar, beaten to a cream, three of flour, six of currants, six of raisins, after seeds are removed, one of citron sliced thin, three glasses brandy, twenty-eight eggs, one ounce cinnamon, one of grated nutmeg, three-quarters ounce cloves, half ounce mace; roll the raisins, currants and citron in part of the flour. - Miss H. D. M

Fruit Cake

One pound brown sugar, one of butter, one of eggs, one of flour, two of raisins, two of currants, half pound citron, a nutmeg, tablespoon cloves, one of allspice, half pint brandy, and two tea-spoons baking-powder. After baking, while yet warm, pour over cake a half pint wine. This makes the cake delicious. - Miss Angle Skinner, Somerset.

Excellent Fruit Cake

One and a half pounds raisins, one and a fourth pounds currants, three-fourths pound citron, pound butter, pound sugar, one and a fourth pounds flour, ten eggs, two table-spoons lemon, two tea-spoons yeast powder; mix a fourth pound of the flour in the fruit. - Mrs. J. W. Grubbs,

Poor Man's Fruit Cake

One and a half cups brown sugar, two of flour, one each of butter and chopped raisins, three eggs, three table-spoons sour milk, half tea-spoon soda, half cup blackberry jam. This is excellent as well as economical. - Mrs. J. S. Robinson,

Scotch Fruit Cake

A cup butter, two of white sugar, four of sifted flour, three-fourths cup sour milk, half tea-spoon soda, nine eggs beaten separately, one pound raisins, half pound currants, a fourth pound citron; cream the butter and sugar, add milk gradually, then beaten yolks of eggs, and lastly, while stirring in flour, the whites well whipped. Flavor with one tea-spoon lemon, and one of vanilla extract, and have raisins chopped a little, or, better still, seeded, and citron sliced thin. Wash and dry currants before using, and flour all fruit slightly. In putting cake in pan, place first a thin layer of cake, then sprinkle in some of the three kinds of fruit, then a layer of cake, and so on, always finishing off with a thin layer of cake. Bake in a moderate oven for two hours. Tested by many and has never failed. - Mrs. J. H. Shearer.