Ginger Cookies

Two cups molasses, one of lard, one of sugar, two-thirds cup sour milk, table-spoon ginger, three tea-spoons soda stirred in the flour and one in the milk, two eggs. - Miss Tina Lay,

Ginger Cookies

One egg, one cup sugar, one cup molasses, one table-spoon soda, one of vinegar, one of ginger; roll thin and bake quickly.

Ginger Cakes

One quart Orleans molasses, pint lard or butter, pint buttermilk, two table-spoons soda, two table-spoons ginger, flour enough to make a stiff batter; pour the molasses and milk boiling hot into a large tin bread-pan in which have been placed the ginger and soda (the pan must be large enough to prevent running over); stir in all the flour possible, after which stir in the lard or butter; when cold, mold with flour and cut in cakes. Care must be taken to follow these directions implicitly or the cakes will not be good; remember to add the lard or butter last, and buttermilk, not sour milk, must be used; boil the molasses in a skillet, and after pouring it into the pan, put the buttermilk in the same skillet, boil and pour it over the molasses, ginger and soda. This excellent recipe was kept as a secret for a long time by a professional baker. - Mrs. R. M. Henderson.

Ginger Drop Cakes

Take three eggs, one cup lard, one of baking molasses, one of brown sugar, one large table-spoon ginger, one table-spoon soda dissolved in a cup of boiling water, five cups unsifted flour; drop table-spoons of this mixture into a slightly greased dripping-pan about three inches apart. - Mrs. L. McAllister.

Best Ginger-Drops

Half cup sugar, a cup molasses, half cup butter, one tea-spoon each cinnamon, ginger and cloves, two tea-spoons soda in a cup boiling water, two and a half cups flour; add two well-beaten eggs the last thing before baking. Baked in gem-tins or as a common ginger-bread, and eaten warm with a sauce, they make a nice dessert. - Mrs. C. Hawks,

Ginger-snaps. Two cups molasses, one of lard, one table-spoon soda, one of ginger, flour to roll stiff. - Miss Mary Gallagher.


One pound and six ounces flour, four of sugar, eight of butter, six of preserved orange peel, half pint of molasses, one tea-spoon soda dissolved in two table-spoons boiling water, one tea-spoon cloves, two of ginger. Soften the butter and mix it with the sugar and molasses, add the spices, orange peel and soda, beat well and stir in the flour, flour the board and roll the paste as thin as possible, cut in circles and bake in a very quick oven. . This quantity makes one hundred and twenty-nine snaps, about three inches across. - In the Kitclien.

Hotel Ginger-snaps

One gallon molasses, two pounds brown sugar, one quart melted butter, half cup each ground cloves, mace, cinnamon and ginger, one cup soda. - Mrs. Hattie Clemmons.