Golden Cream Cake

Cream one cup sugar and one-fourth cup butter, add half cup sweet milk, the well beaten whites of three eggs, one and a half cups flour, with half a tea-spoon soda, and a tea-spoon cream tartar silted with it; bake in three deep jelly-tins; beat very light the yolks of two eggs, one cup sugar, and two table-spoons rich sweet cream, flavor with vanilla, and spread on cakes; or to yolks add one and a half table-spoons corn starch, three-quarters cup sweet milk and small lump butter; sweeten and flavor to taste, cook in a custard-kettle till thick, let cool, and then spread. - Mrs. J. M. Southard.

Ice-cream Cake

Make good sponge-cake, bake half an inch thick in jelly-pans, and let them get perfectly cold; take a pint thickest sweet cream, beat until it looks like ice-cream, make very sweet, and flavor with vanilla; blanch and chop a pound almonds, stir into cream, and put very thick between each layer. This is the queen of all cakes. - Miss Mattie Fullington.

Ice-cream Cake

One-fourth pound each butter and powdered sugar, half pint milk, half pound flour, six eggs, one glass wine, one nutmeg; bake quickly in iron gem-pans. They raise light with hollow center. When cold, cut a round hole in top (as you would "plug" a melon), fill with ice-cream just before serving, so that it will not have time to melt. - Mrs. A. C. Glazier

Cocoa-nut Cake. To the well-beaten yolks of six eggs, add two cups powdered white sugar, three-fourths cups butter, one of sweet milk, three and a half of flour, one level tea-spoon soda and two of cream tartar, whites of four eggs well beaten; bake in jelly-cake pans. For icing, grate one cocoa-nut, beat whites of two eggs, and add one tea-cup powdered sugar; mix thoroughly with the grated cocoa-nut, and spread evenly on the layers of cake when they are cold. - Miss Nettie Miller, Columbus.

Caramel Cake

One and a half cups sugar, three-fourths cup butter, half cup milk, two and a fourth cups flour, three eggs, one and a half heaping tea-spoons baking-powder, or a small tea-spoon soda, and two tea-spoons cream tartar; bake in jelly-tins. Make caramel as follows: Butter size of an egg, pint brown sugar, half cup milk or water, half cake chocolate; boil twenty minutes (or until thick enough), and pour over cakes while warm, piling the layers one upon the other. For frosting for top of cake, take whites of two eggs, one and a half cups sugar, tea-spoon vanilla, three heaping teaspoons grated chocolate. - Mrs. Ella Snider, Minneapolis, Minn.

Cup Cake

Three cups sugar, one of butter, six of flour, two-thirds pint sour cream, seven eggs (leaving out the whites of two for icing), one even tea-spoon soda in the cream, tea-spoon soda in the flour, one of cream tartar, and one of lemon or vanilla. Bake in pans one inch deep, and when done spread one with icing, and lay the other on top of it, allowing two layers for each cake. - Mrs. Dr. Thompson.

Silver Part

- Two cups sugar, two-third3 cup butter, not quite two-thirds cup sweet milk, whites of eight eggs, three heaping teaspoons baking-powder thoroughly sifted, with three cups flour; stir sugar and butter to a cream, add milk and flour, and last white of eggs.