Ham Balls

Chop fine, cold, cooked ham; add an egg for each person, and a little flour; beat together, make into balls, and fry brown in hot butter.

Corn-Meal Cake

Two-thirds cup butter, one cup sugar, three eggs beaten separately, two and a half cups corn meal, one and a half of flour, two of sweet milk, two tea-spoons cream tartar, one of soda.

Philadelphia Scrapple

- Mix potatoes(or any cold vegetables) and meat, turn into a skillet with meat gravy from previous day. Stir up until dry and crisp, resembling a very dry hash; serve in small deep dish.

How To Clarify Molasses

Heat over the (ire and pour in one pint of sweet milk to each gallon of molasses. The impurities rise in scum to the top, which must be skimmed off before the boiling breaks it. Add the milk as soon as placed over the fire, mixing it thoroughly with the molasses.

Cucumber Relish May Be Made Of The Large Cucumbers

Pare and cut in two. rake out seeds, and grate, strain out most of the water, season highly with pepper and salt, add a little sugar, and as much vinegar as you have cucumbers; put in small bottle and seal.

Beefsteak Toast

- Chop cold steak or tongue very fine, cook in a little water, put in cream or milk, thicken, season with butter, salt, and pepper; and pour it over slices of toast. Prepare boiled ham in the same way, adding the yolk of an egg.

Breakfast Puffs may be made on baking day, by taking up a little dough, pulling out to thickness of doughnuts, cut two and one-half inches in length, drop in boiling lard, and fry like doughnuts; to be eaten with butter like biscuit.

Shelled Almonds Are More Economical For Use In Cakes

One pound of unshelled almonds only makes six and one-half ounces or one coffe-cup-ful when shelled, while the unshelled are generally only double the price, and sometimes not that per pound.

Mixed Sandwiches

- Chop fine, cold ham, tongue and chicken; mix with one pint of the meat half a cup melted butter, one table-spoon salad-oil, one of mustard if desired, the yolk of a beaten egg, and a little pepper; spread on bread cut thin and buttered. Ham alone may be prepared in this way.

Steak Pudding

- Mix one quart flour, one pound suet (shredded fine), a little salt, and cold water to make stiff as for pie-crust, roll out half an inch thick; have steak (beef or mutton) well seasoned with pepper and salt, lay them on the paste and roll it up, tie in a cloth, and boil three hours. Some add a few oysters and a sliced onion to the steak.

Mutton Pie And Tomatoes

Spread the bottom of a baking-dish with bread-crumbs, and fill with alternate layers of cold roast mutton, cut in thin slices, and tomatoes, peeled and sliced; season each layer with pepper, salt and bits of butter. The last layer should be of tomatoes spread with breadcrumbs. Bake three-quarters of an hour, and serve immediately.

Lancashire Pie

Take cold beef or veal, chop, and season as for hash; have ready hot mashed potatoes seasoned as if for the table, and put in a shallow baking-dish first a layer of meat, then a layer of potatoes, and so on, till dish is heaping full; smooth over top of potatoes, and make little holes in which place bits of butter; bake until a nice brown.