- Headaches are always symptoms of some derangement of the system in some of its parts, and should not be neglected. In children, they generally indicate the approach of some disease. In adults, they are occasioned frequently by a bad circulation, impaired digestion, and by affections of the nerves. For the first, active exercise and a slight physic are only necessary; for the second, light diet, with exercise and a dose of some bitter alkali after meals; and for the third, the same treatment as for neuralgia, being careful about the diet. Sometimes a patient is subject to rheumatic headache, which may be treated with warm fomentations, stimulating liniment, and a gentle physic. The patient should dress warmly, and avoid exposure to cold and wet feet.

A doctor in Paris has published a new remedy for headaches. He uses a mixture of ice and salt; in proportion of one to one-half, as a cold mixture, and this he applies by means of a little purse of silk gauze, with a rim of gutta percha, to limited spots on the head when rheumatie headaches are felt. It gives instantaneous relief. The skin is subjected to the process from half a minute to one and a half minutes, and is rendered hard and white by the application. - 2. Put a handful of salt into a quart of water, add one ounce of spirits of hartshorn and half an ounce of camphorated spirits of wine. Put them quickly into a bottle, and cork tightly to prevent the escape of the spirit. Soak a piece of rag with the mixture, and apply it to the head; wet the rag afresh as soon as it gets heated. - 3. It is stated that two tea-spoons of finely-powdered charcoal, drank in half a tumbler of water, will, in less than fifteen minutes, give relief to the sick headache when caused, as in most cases it is, by superabundance of acid on the stomach. We have tried this remedy time and again, and its efficacy in every instance has been signally satisfactory.