Herring Salad

Soak over night three Holland herrings cut in very small pieces; cook and peel eight medium potatoes, and when cold chop with two small cooked red beets, two onions, a few sour apples, some roasted veal, and three hard-boiled eggs; mix with a sauce of sweet-oil, vinegar, stock, pepper, and mustard to taste. A table-spoon of thick sour cream improves the sauce, which should stand over night in an earthen dish. - Mrs. H. G. Mahncke.

Lettuce Salad

Take the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs, add salt and mustard to taste; mash it fine; make a paste by adding a dessert-spoon of olive-oil or melted butter (use butter always when it is difficult to get fresh oil); mix thoroughly, and then dilute by adding gradually a tea-cup of vinegar, and pour over the lettuce. Garnish by slicing another egg and laying over the lettuce. This is sufficient for a moderate-sized dish of lettuce. - Mrs. Col. Reid, Delaware, Ohio.

Lobster Salad

Put a large lobster over the fire in boiling water slightly salted; boil rapidly for about twenty minutes; when done it will be of a bright red color, and should be removed, as if boiled too long it will be tough; when cold, crack the claws, after first disjointing, twist off the head (which is used in garnishing), split the body in two lengthwise, pick out the meat in bits not too fine, saving the coral separate; cut up a large head of lettuce slightly, and place on a dish over which lay the lobster, putting the coral around the outside. For dressing, take the yolks of three eggs, beat well, add four table-spoons salad-oil, dropping it in very slowly, beating all the time; then add a little salt, cayenne pepper, half tea-spoon mixed mustard, and two table-spoons vinegar. Pour this over the lobster, just before sending to table. - Mrs. A. Wilson, Rye, N. Y.

Potato Salad

Boil four large Irish potatoes, peel and mash smooth; mince two-onions, and add to the potato, make a dressing of the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs, one small tea-cup of vinegar, one tea-spoon black pepper, one dessert-spoon each of celery seeds and salt, one tablespoon each of prepared mustard and melted butter; mix well with potato, and garnish with slices of egg and celery or lettuce. Or, chop cold boiled potatoes fine with enough raw onions to season nicely; make a dressing as for lettuce salad, and pour over it. - Mrs. James A. Jennings, Nashville, Tennessee.

Salmon Salad

Set a can of salmon in a kettle of boiling water, let boil twenty minutes, take out of the can and put in a deep dish, pour off the juice or oil, put a few cloves in and around it, sprinkle salt and pepper over, cover with cold vinegar, and let it stand a day, take it from the vinegar and lay it on a platter. Prepare a dressing as follows: Beat the yolks of two raw eggs with the yolks of two eggs boiled hard and mashed fine as possible; add gradually a tablespoon mustard, three of melted butter, or the best of salad-oil, a little salt and pepper (either black or cayenne), and vinegar to taste. Beat the mixture a long time (some persons like the addition of lemon juice and a little brown sugar); cover the salmon thickly with a part of the dressing, tear up very small the crisp inside leaves of lettuce, put in the remainder of the mixture, and pour over with two or three larger pieces placed around the salmon, and serve.