Hickory-nut Cake

A cup butter, two of sugar, three of flour, one of sweet milk, whites of seven and yolks of two eggs, a tea-spoon soda, two of cream tartar, one pint hickory-nut meats rolled and sprinkled with flour; beat the whites to a stiff froth. Rich and excellent. - Mrs, A. B. Morey.

Imperial Cake

One pound butter and one of sugar beaten to a cream, one pound flour, the grated rind and juice of a lemon, nine eggs, one and a quarter pounds almonds before they are cracked, half pound citron, half pound raisins; beat the yolks light, add sugar and butter, then the whites beaten to a stiff froth, and the flour, reserving a part for the fruit, and, lastly, the nuts blanched, cut fine and mixed with fruit and the rest of the flour. This is very delicious, and will keep for months. - Mrs. E. R. May, Minneapolis, Minn.

Lady's Cake

One-half cup butter, one and a half of sugar, two of flour, nearly one of sweet milk, half tea-spoon soda, one of cream tartar, whites of four eggs well beaten; flavor with peach or almond. - Miss M. E. W., Madison.

Yellow Lady's Cake

One and a half cups flour, one of sugar, half cup butter, half cup sweet milk, tea-spoon soda, two tea-spoons cream tartar, yolks of four eggs, tea-spoon vanilla. - Olivia S. Hinrnan, Battle Creek, Mich.

Lemon Cake

One pound flour, one of sugar, three-fourths pound butter, seven eggs, juice of one and rind of two lemons. The sugar, butter and yolks of eggs must be beaten a long time, adding, by degrees, the flour, and the whites of eggs last. A tumbler and a half of sliced citron many be added. This keeps well. - Miss M. B. Fullington.

Aunt Hettie's Loaf Cake

Two cups sugar and one of butter beaten to a cream, three eggs, the whites beaten separately, three cups flour with one tea-spoon cream tartar stirred in, yolks of the eggs stirred well with the sugar and butter; now add two cups more flour with one tea-spoon cream tartar, one cup sweet milk and the whites of the eggs, and then stir again; add one nutmeg, one pound raisins or currants dredged with flour, one tea-spoon soda dissolved in four table-spoons of water. This makes two nice loaves, and is excellent.

White Part

- Whites of seven eggs, three cups white sugar, one of butter, one of sour milk, four of flour, sifted and heaping, one tea-spoon soda; flavor to taste.

Dark Part

- Yolks of seven eggs, three cups brown sugar, one of butter, one of sour milk, four of flour, sifted and heaping, one table-spoon each of cinnamon, allspice and cloves, one tea-spoon-soda; put in puns a spoonful of white part and then a spoonful of dark, and so on. Bake an hour and a quarter. Use coffee-cups to measure. This will make one large and one medium cake. The white and dark parts are alternated, either by putting in a spoonful of white, then of dark, or a layer of white and then of dark part, being careful that the cake may be nicely " marbleized." - Mrs. M E. Smith, Cleveland.

Marbled Chocolate Cake

Make a batter as for white cake, take out one tea-cup, add to it five table-spoons of grated chocolate, moisten with milk:, and flavor with vanilla; pour a layer of the white batter into the baking-pan, then drop the chocolate batter with a spoon in spots, and spread the remainder of the white batter over it. - Mrs. Sarah Phelps, Springfield, Ohio.

One-Egg Cake. One half cup butter, one and a half cups sugar, three of flour, one of sweet milk, one egg, tea-spoon soda, two tea-spoons cream tartar in the flour, cup raisins chopped fine. - Mrs. A. S. C.