Apples - Keep in dry place, as cool as possible without freezing.

Brooms - Hang in the cellar-way to keep soft and pliant.

Cranberries - Keep under water, in cellar; change water monthly.

Dish of hot water set in oven prevents cakes, etc., from scorching.

Economize time, health, and means, and you will never beg.

Flour - Keep cool, dry, and securely covered.

Glass - Clean with a quart of water mixed with table-spoon of ammonia.

Herbs - Gather when beginning to blossom; keep in paper sacks.

Ink Stains - Wet with spirits turpentine; after three hours, rub well.

Jars - To prevent, coax "husband " to buy our Cook-Book.

Keep an account of all supplies, with cost and date when purchased.

Love lightens labor.

Money - Count carefully when you receive change.

Nutmegs - Prick with a pin, and if good, oil will run out.

Orange and Lemon Peel - Dry, pound, and keep in corked bottles.

Parsnips - Keep in ground until spring.

Quicksilver and white of an egg destroys bedbugs.

Rice - Select large, with a clear, fresh look; old rice may have insects.

Sugar - For general family use, the granulated is best.

Tea - Equal parts of Japan and green are as good as English breakfast.

Use a cement made of ashes, salt, and water for cracks in stove.

Variety is the best culinary spice.

Watch your back yard for dirt and bones.

Xantippe was a scold. Don't imitate her.

Youth is best preserved by a cheerful temper.

Zinc-lined sinks are better than wooden ones.

Regulate the clock by your husband's watch, and in all apportionments of time remember the Giver.