Any silk or wooled goods may be washed in gasoline, rubbing as if in water, without injury. The dirt is quickly and easily removed, but no change takes place in the color of the fabric. Great care must be taken not to use the gasoline near a stove or light, as there is a gas arising from it which is very inflammable, and might take fire from a lamp set a foot or two distant.

In washing the dish-wipers, do not boil them with the fine white dresses, shirts, table-cloths, sheets, pillow-cases, napkins, or fine towels, but be as particular to have the suds nice and clean. It is better to remove a part of the suds, and add clean cold water, so that the wipers will not become yellow by boiling in too strong a suds. On each wash-day wash thoroughly all that have been used the previous week.

Silk and Thread Gloves are best washed by placing them on the hands, and washing in borax water or white castile soap-suds, the same as if washing the hands; rinse under a stream of water, and dry with a towel; keep the gloves on until they are about half dried, take off carefully, and fold them up so that they will look as nearly like what they were when new as possible, and lay between clean towels under a weight.