How To Cure A Felon

Take a pint of common soft soap and stir in air slacked lime till it is of the consistency of glazier's putty. Make a leather thimble, fill it with this composition and insert the finger therein, and the cure is certain.

Poison by Ivy, - An infallible remedy for poisoning by ivy, poison oak and other poison vines and plants, is good rich butter milk in which you have beaten some green tansy leaves until the milk is thoroughly tinctured. Bathe the parts often (indeed, you could not do it too often,) until relieved. Wet a cloth with the mixture at night, and lay on, wetting as often as it feels dry.

Alger Liniment

- Alcohol, one gallon; cagiput oil, one ounce; monard oil. one ounce; thymes oil, one ounce; peppermint oil, half ounce; camphor gum, one ounce. Shake well and let stand twenty-four hours. It is good for rheumatism and for any purpose for which liniment is used for man or beast. This is a very valuable recipe and has been sold at a very high price.

For Diarrhea

Stir lightly into a tea-cupful cold water the white of one egg, not beaten. This forms a coating on the stomach, and is also nourishing, and is good in any disease where patient can not eat. Another delicate preparation for a weak st6mach is slippery-elm gruel: Mix fine slippery-elm flour with cold water, then stir into boiling till thickness of gruel. Charcoal crackers are of great value in assisting digestion.

In this disease, the most important item is absolute quiet on a bed. Bits of ice may be eaten and swallowed at will, but drink little liquid of any kind. If compelled to be on the feet, bind a strong piece of woolen flannel tightly around the abdomen, having it doubled in front. For diet, use rice parched like coffee, boiled and eaten with a little salt and butter. Some advise making a tea of it, and also using boiled milk and mutton broth, with crisped white crackers, for children.

For Dysentery And Diarrhea

Use ice-cold enemas after each movement of the bowels - a tea-spoon for a babe, increasing in that proportion till, for an adult, a bulbful is given.

For Sore Throat

Rub on the outside, and wet cloth in Pond's Extract, and gargle with it also, taking from one to ten drops four times a day. Another excellent remedy is camphor diluted with water till it can be used as a gargle.

Another remedy for sore throat is to put on a strip of flannel thin slices of fat pork, and sprinkle very thick with black pepper and place around throat; or chop fat pork and onions together, about half and half, and put in sack and put on; or bathe throat with coal oil. And some have advised taking some of the latter internally in cases of diphtheria; also, in diphtheria, some have used with benefit bits of ice kept constantly in the mouth for as long as seven hours; or gargle with lemon-juice, occasionally swallowing some.

For Weak Eyes

Bathe in hot water, never using cold; and neither children nor adults should use water below 50° temperature in washing, as cold water is very injurious to the eyes.

For Soreness and Pains - Bathe with hot alcohol; and salt is often added. The use of alcohol sponge-baths after confinement is almost a necessity.