The poison ivy and the innocuous kind differ in one particular which is too easy of remembrance to be overlooked by any one who is interested enough in the brilliant-hued leaves of autumn to care for gathering them; the leaves of the former grow in clusters of threes, and those of the latter in fives. As somebody has suggested in a juvenile story book, every child should be taught to associate the five leaves in a cluster with the fingers on the human hand, and given to understand that when these numbers agree they can be brought into contact with perfect safety. It may spare our readers no little suffering to bear this point in mind during their October rambles in the fields.

To Cure Worms in Horses., - Put a handful of sifted wood ashes in a quart bottle, and fill the bottle with cider vinegar. It will foam like soda water. It should be given to the horse the moment it foams. Two bottles will cure the worst case of worms. Forty years' experience attests the efficiency of this. Never known to fail.