In March scald with boiling water every crack or suspected place where they find refuge, and then touch thoroughly every crack and seam where the bugs are likely to harbor, with kerosene. Great care must be taken not to injure fine varnished furniture. If any injury is done to varnish by the hot water, it may be restored by rubbing immediately with a rag wet in turpentine or oil. Beds should be examined again for vermin in July and August, and if measures are taken to exterminate them, there will be very little trouble. Another death-dealing method is to fill crevices with salt, and wash bedstead with strong brine, or use kerosene in the same way. Paris-green and mercurial ointment are deadly poisons to the bedbug, but as they are dangerous to have in the house, the first-named methods are preferable. One part quicksilver to twenty parts white of an egg. applied with a feather to every crack and crevice in bedstead and room, will kill them. Most people are unable to console themselves for sleepless-nights as did the Irishman, who said: "Indade, I did quite as well as the bugs, for not one of them slept a wink all night," and the above recipes, are any of them certain to remove the pests if properly and faithfully applied.