How To Harden Nipples

Bathe with a preparation of one-half ounce liquid tannin and two ounces glycerine, for three or four months before confinement, once or twice a day.

For Sore Nipples

Bathe in Pond's Extract. The nipple need not be washed off before nursing. Or to the well-beaten white of an egg add a few drops of tannin, mix thoroughly, and bathe. Make fresh every day or two.

For Varicose Veins

Wear a silk elastic stocking.

For Cold In The Head

Dilute camphor with water one-half and snuff it up the nose.

For Chilblains

Heat lard till it boils, pour it on ice (it turns yellow), then rub it on the feet and heat it in. Another for broken chilblains: Melt together one ounce resin, one and a half ounces beeswax, and three ounces sweet oil; takeoff, and stir in gradually one-half ounce prepared carbonate of lead till it cools.

For Toothache Or Neuralgia

Thicken the yolk of an egg with common salt and apply as a poultice; or slice raw onions, and scatter shaved hard soap over them and apply.

Chapped Hands And Lips

- Four parts glycerine to one part simple tincture of benzoin. The latter is very healing.

Sure Cure For Corns

- Take one-fourth cup of strong vinegar, crumb finely into it some bread. Let stand half an hour, or until it softens into a good poultice. Then apply, on retiring at night. In the morning the soreness will be gone, and the corn can be picked out, If the corn is a very obstinate one, it may require two or more applications to effect a cure.

Itch Ointment

- Two table-spoons lard, one of black pepper, one of ground mustard; boil all together, and when taken off and nearly cold add one tablespoon sulphur. Anoint with this three evenings successively just before going to bed. Do not change bed clothes or wearing clothes during the time. After this, wash with castile soap suds, and change all the clothing that has been worn or touched.

Cholera Mixture

- Take one ounce each of the following ingredients: tincture opium, capsicum or red pepper, rhubarb, peppermint and camphor; put in large bottle, with a pint best brandy. Dose is ten to twenty drops in two or three tea-spoons water. Good in any case of diarrhea. . Constipation. - Two ounces of senna, simmer the strength out m one quart of water, strain the tea; one pound of prunes, cooked soft, with half tea-cup of white sugar. Several times a day take, first, one table-spoon of the senna tea, then eat one prune, fasting as much as possible.

Sure Cure For Cholera Infantum

- One ounce pulverized rhubarb, one ounce peppermint herb, one ounce soda. Pour one pint of boiling water on these three and let stand on the hearth two hours. Strain, and add one pint best brandy, one-half pound best white sugar, and one ounce paregoric. Dose - one tea-spoon every half hour until the discharge shows the color of the medicine; then only every three or four hours. Good also for adults, in diarrhea. This is the allopathic treatment.

Golden Ointment

- One pound lard, eight ounces beeswax, one ounce camphor gum in five ounces alcohol, one ounce origanum, one ounce laudanum; let all dissolve while melting the lard and beeswax, then stir together until cold, or the camphor will go off in a steam. Do not mix too hot. This will cure pain in the side by applying as a plaster. For enlarged neck or goitre, dilute with one-fourth iodine. For salt-rheum, apply externally, and take cathartics to cleanse the blood. For scald-head, rub together one ounce golden ointment and three drachms of red precipitate; remove the hair and rub with this twice a day, each day washing with castile soap suds. For catarrh, rub the ointment up in the nose profusely, and let it remain all night. In the morning draw cold water up the nose and throw it back two or three times to clean the tubernated bones. Also bathe the face and ears with cold water.