- Buy sugars for various purposes as follows:

For baked custard, mince pie, squash pie, fruit cake, gingerbread, most Indian puddings, use brown sugar.

For all light-colored cakes, icing, floating island, blanc-mange, meringues, whips, use powdered sugar.

For pudding sauce, use powdered or brown sugar.

For sweetmeats, jelly, and raspberry vinegar, use granulated sugar.

Flour should be bought in small quantities, and the best is cheapest. The test of quality is given under bread. Flour is peculiarly sensitive to atmospheric influence, hence it should never be stored in a room with sour liquids nor where onions or fish are kept, nor any article that taints the air of the room in which it is stored. Any smell perceptible to the sense will be absorbed by flour. Avoid damp cellars or lofts where a free circulation of air can not be obtained. Keep in a cool, dry, airy room, and not exposed to a freezing temperature nor to intense summer or to artificial heat for any length of time above 70 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It should not come in contact with grain or other substances which are liable to heat. Flour should be sifted and the particles thoroughly disintegrated, and then warmed before baking.