-A large grater is a necessity in every kitchen. It is used for grating horse-radish, cheese, oranges, lemons, etc., and a hundred other purposes which bring it into frequent use. It is not costly and lasts a life-time.

A Moveable Sink, set on very large and strong casters', is a labor-saving contrivance. It may be run into the dining-room to receive dishes after the meal is over, and afterward returned to the kitchen and placed where the light is best, or in the coolest part of the room if the weather is hot. Simple contrivances of this kind, which cost little except the labor of the " men folks," may often be used to save steps and preserve the healthof the overworked housekeeper.

A colander in the form given in cut is now much used, and is a prime necessity in every kitchen Every skillful housewife will be quick to see the advantages of this over other forms. Its price is not high, and it may be found in any well-supplied kitchen furnishing store. There are other forms less convenient, but they do not cost much less. This form is made for service, and will last a long time.