Light Suppers

- Give the whole family light suppers and send the children early to bed,

Cure for Lock-jaw, said to be positive, - Let any one who has an attack of lock-jaw take a small quantity of spirits of turpentine, warm it, and pour it on the wound - no matter where the wound is, or what its nature is - and relief will follow in less than a minute. Turpentine is also a sovereign remedy for croup. Saturate a piece of flannel with it, and place the flannel on the throat and chest - and in very severe cases three to five drops on a lump of sugar may be taken internally.

Remedy For Consumption

The following is said to be an effectual remedy, and will in time completely cure the disorder. Live temperately, avoid spirituous liquors, wear flannel next the skin, and take, every morning, half a pint of flew milk, mixed with a wine glassful of the expressed juice of green hoarhound. One who has tried it, says, "Four weeks' use of the hoarhound and milk relieved the pains of my breast, gave me ability to breathe deep, long and free, strengthened and harmonized my voice and restored me to a better state of health than I had enjoyed for years."

Chapped Hands

- When the hands show signs of cracking wash them clean with mild soap and soft warm water. Rinse in borax water and thoroughly dry them. Then anoint them with vaseline or petroleum jelly, which can be procured at any drug store. Dry it by the fire and a cure is sure to follow. This vaseline never fails. With it the skin can be kept soft and velvety all the time.

Relief For Burning Feet

To relieve burning feet, first discard tight boots; then take one pint of bran and one ounce of bicarbonate of soda, put in a foot-bath, add one gallon of hot water; when cool enough, soak your feet in this mixture for fifteen minutes. The relief is instantaneous. This must be repeated every night for a week or perhaps more. The bran and bicarbonate should be made fresh after a week's use. Bicarbonate of soda can be purchased for a small price per pound from wholesale druggists. The burning sensation is produced by the pores of the skin being closed, so that the feet do not perspire.

Croup can be cured in one minute, and the remedy is simply alum and molasses. The way to accomplish the deed is to take a knife or grate and shave off in small particles about a teaspoonful of alum; then mix it with twice its quantity of molasses, to make it palatable, and administer it as quick as possible. Almost instantaneous relief will follow by vomiting.

Cure Of Croup

A lady writer of professed experience gives the following advice to mothers whose children have the croup: First get a piece of chamois skin, make a little bib, cut out the neck and sew on tapes to tie it on; then melt together some tallow and pine tar; rub some of this in the chamois and let the child wear it all the time. My baby had the croup whenever she took cold, and since I put on the chamois I have had no more trouble. Renew with tar occasionally.