Lime-Water And Its Uses

Place a piece of unslaked lime (size is immaterial, as the water will take up only a certain quantity) in a perfectly clean bottle, and fill with cold water; keep corked in a cellar or cool dark place; it is ready for use in a few minutes, and the clear lime-water may be used whenever it is needed. When the water is poured off, add more; this may be done three or four times, after which some new lime must be used as at first. A tea-spoon in a cup of milk is a remedy for children's summer complaint; also for acidity of the stomach; when added to milk it has no unpleasant taste. When put into milk that would otherwise curdle when heated, it prevents its curlding, so that it can then be used for puddings and pies. A small quantity of it will prevent the "turning" of cream and milk. It also sweetens and purifies bottles which have contained milk. Some add a cupful to a sponge of bread to prevent it from souring.


To banish bed-bugs after they have got into the walls and ceilings of a house, close all doors and windows and burn brimstone, by throwing it upon red hot coals in an iron kettle set in the middle of the room. Or heat a piece of iron red hot, place in a kettle, throw in the brimstone, and leave room closed for twenty-four hours. It is death to the vermin.

How To Cure A Burn

Wet a cloth and sprinkle it with carbonate of soda (common cooking soda) and bind it on the burn. It quickly stops the pain, and is a harmless and thorough remedy. If no cloth is at hand, wet the part burned and sprinkle dry soda on it.

Use Of Borax

Borax water will instantly remove all soils and stains from the hands, and heal all scratches and chafes. To make it, put crude borax into a large bottle and fill with water. When the borax is dissolved add more to the water, until at last the water can absorb no more, and a residuum remains at the bottom of the bottle. To the water in which the hands are to be washed pour from this bottle enough to make it very soft. It is very cleansing and health}'. By its use the hands will be kept in excellent condition - soft, smooth and white.

Lime IX Caxs

Lime ground and pulverized for white-washing purposes is put in cans and sold by druggists. It is convenient in form and excellent.

To clean a brown Porcelain kettle, boil peeled potatoes in it. The porcelain will be rendered nearly as white as when new.

How To Make Shoes Durable

A coat of gum copal varnish applied to the soles of boots and shoes, and repeated as it dries until the pores are filled and the surface shines like polished mahogony, will make the soles waterproof, and make them last three times as long.

Ebonizing Wood

- Wash any close-grained wood with a strong boiling decoction of logwood two or three times, allowing the wood to dry between the applications. Then wash with a solution, of acetrate of iron (made by dissolving iron filings in strong vinegar).

How To Remove Rust From A Stovepipe

Rub with linseed oil (a little goes a great way); build a slow fire till it is dry. Oil in the Spring to prevent it from rusting.