Baked Macaroni

Take about three ounces macaroni and boil till tender in a stew-pan with a little water; take a pudding dish or pan, warm a little butter in it, and put in a layer of macaroni, then a layer of cheese grated or cut in small bits, and sprinkle over with salt, pepper and small pieces of butter, then add another layer of macaroni, and so on, finishing off with cheese; pour on rich milk or cream enough to just come to the top of the ingredients, and bake from one-half to three quarters of an hour. Rice may be used instead of macaroni by first cooking as follows: Pick and wash a cup of rice, put in a stew-kettle with three cups boiling water, and set over the fire - the boiling water makes the kernels retain their shape better than when cold water is used. When done put a layer of rice, cheese, etc., alternately as you would macaroni, and bake in the same way.

Boiled Macaroni

Pour one pint boiling water over five ounces macaroni, let stand half an hour, drain and put in a custard-kettle with boiling milk or milk and water to cover, cook till tender, drain, add a table-spoon butter, and a tea-cup cream, and season with salt and pepper; grate cheese over the top and serve. - Mrs. S. E. T.

Macaroni with Tomatoes. Take three pints of beef soup, clear, and put one pound of macaroni in it, boil fifteen minutes, with a little salt; then take up the macaroni - which should have absorbed nearly all the liquid - and put it on a flat plate, and sprinkle grated cheese over it thickly, and pour over all plentifully a sauce made of tomatoes, well boiled, strained, and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Italian Macaroni

Place two pounds of beef, well larded with strips of salt pork, and one or two chopped onions, in a covered kettle on the back of the stove, until it throws out its juice and is a rich brown; add a quart of tomatoes seasoned with pepper and salt, and allow the mixture to simmer for two or three hours. Take the quantity of macaroni desired and boil in water for twenty minutes, after which put one layer of the boiled macaroni in the bottom of a pudding dish, cover with some of the above mixture, then a layer of grated cheese, and so on in layers till the dish is filled, having a layer of cheese on the top; place in the oven an hour, or until it is a rich brown. Commence early in the morning to prepare this dish.