Take a piece of short paste, or scraps of puff paste, roll it out one-fourth of an inch thick, and cut out the number of pieces you require with the same cutter as for open tarts, place them in baking pan and "dock" them with a fork. Now cut a like number with the same cutter, and of the same thickness, but from the best puff paste, wash those cut from the scraps, or short paste, and place those cut from the puff paste on them, wash with egg, and " clock" them in the middle. Next cut a like number, same thickness, with the same cutter, and from puff paste, cut the middle right out of these with a plain round cutter, one inch and a half in diameter, place these rings on the other parts. These are now ready to bake. While they are baking take the piece that comes from the middle of the ring piece and roll it out a little larger, then cut three other pieces with a scalloped round cutter, each a size smaller than the others; place them on baking pans, "dock" them, wash with egg, and bake them. When these parts are all baked, if the hole is not deep enough for the purpose, you can, with a knife, remove some of the pastry inside the ring. To serve these you fill the case, or part with the hole, with chopped oysters, prepared in white butter sauce, and then add the other pieces, beginning with the largest and finishing with the smallest. You will then have a pyramid about six inches high. Place small sprigs of parsley between the part containing the oysters and the others, also a piece of parsley on each, then dish them and serve. These cases will serve for oysters, lobsters, or chicken. I would here remark that oyster and other pates can be made more simply than the above, but my idea is not to attempt to teach what I presume is already known, but to furnish you with some ideas which you may use with advantage when you wish to place something more elabrate before your special guests than ordinarily. A vol au vent is made in precisely the same manner as the above oyster pates, but from eight to twelve times larger, and generally oval in shape. It is usually filled with cold fricassee of fowl or chicken. The fricassee for a vol au vent must be good and well-jellied. Before serving a vol au vent, place it on an oval dish and garnish it tastefully with aspic jelly, parsley, and cut root flowers. An ordinary size for a vol au vent would be a case large enough to hold a fricassee of one large fowl or two chickens.