Palpitation and irregular action of the heart are often experienced in persons between the ages of sixteen and twenty years; they are, or have generally been, growing rapidly, are of delicate appearance, and frequently are addicted to some vicious habits. In such persons the blood is thin and poor, and the heart and nerves fail to perform their proper function for want of support. Derangement of the stomach often gives rise to these symptoms, and they may persist for a long period from this cause. A lady who for years suffered from violent paroxysms of palpitation, which many physicians attributed to organic disease of the heart, happened on one occasion to take some medicine which induced vomiting, and this act was followed by immediate recovery. Subsequently, whenever she had the symptoms of an approaching attack of palpitation, she resorted to an emetic, which not only gave relief to the paroxysm, but finally relieved her altogether. In another case, a patient entered a hospital, suffering severely from violent action of the heart; he was bled and blistered and purged, without benefit; having taken a large dose of medicine, vomiting ensued, with immediate and permanent relief.

Tea, and especially green tea, is very liable to disturb the heart's action when used by susceptible persons. And there is no doubt that an immense number of persons in every community suffer from minor forms of heart derangement, due to the use of tea.

Tobacco, either smoked or chewed, invariably affects the heart's action, and produces irregularity and palpitation.