Under the head of pastry is embraced crusts or covering for meat pies. Pastry made from butter, and in the same manner as for fruit pies, patties, etc., is too light, brittle and gross for meat pies; also too expensive. Paste made for domestic use, of lard, is also open to many objections, among which may be mentioned its tendency to grow soft and flabby: also its cold, sodden nature, which renders it extremely unpleasant to the teeth, also unpleasant to the palate; it also has a tendency to lie heavily and cold on the stomach, and is altogether undesirable as an ingredient in the manufacture of pastry. Neither is it any cheaper than suet, and much 24 more difficult to manufacture into good looking pastry, and impossible to make into good eating pastry. For as pastry for meat pies, patties, mince pies, etc., nothing better than suet can possibly be found. It is a little troublesome to those who have not been accustomed to its use, but if you follow my instructions faithfully you will succeed better than you expect, and will, I think, be reimbursed for your trouble, and have a pastry which will give satisfaction and credit to you as the maker.