Baked Peaches

Wash peaches which are nearly or quite ripe, place in a deep dish, sprinkle with sugar, cover and bake until tender.

Stewed Pie-plant. Make a rich syrup by adding sugar to water in which long strips of orange peel have been boiled until tender, lay into it a single layer of pieces of pie-plant three inches long, and stew gently until clear. When done remove and cook another layer. This makes a handsome dessert-dish, ornamented with puff-paste cut in fanciful chapes. Use one orange to two and a half pounds pie-plant

Peach Pyramid

Cut a dozen peaches in halves, peel and take out stones, crack half the seeds, and blanch the kernels; make a clear boiling syrup of one pound of white sugar, and into it put the peaches and kernels; boil very gently for ten minutes, take out half the peaches, boil the rest for ten minutes longer, and take out all the peaches and kernels; mix with the syrup left in the kettle the strained juice of three lemons, and an ounce of isinglass dissolved in a little water and strained; boil up once, fill a mold half full of this syrup or jelly, let stand until "set," add part of the peaches and a little more jelly, and when this is "set," add the rest of the peaches, and fill up the mold with jelly. This makes an elegant ornament. - Miss E. Orissa Dolhear, Cincinnati.

Frozen Peaches

Pare and divide large, fresh, ripe and juicy peaches, sprinkle over them granulated sugar, freeze them like ice-cream for an hour; remove them just before serving, and sprinkle with a little more sugar. Canned peaches and all kinds of berries may be prepared in the same way. - Mrs. A. G. Wilcox,

To Keep Pine-apples. Pare and cut out the eyes of a ripe pine-apple, strip all the pulp from the core with a silver fork; to a pint of this add a pound of granulated sugar, stir occasionally until sugar is dissolved, put in glass fruit-cans, and turn down the covers as closely as possible. This will keep a long time.

Baked Quinces

Wash and core ripe quinces, fill with sugar, and bake in baking-dish with a little water.

Compote Of Pears

Pare and quarter eight nice pears, and put in a porcelain saucepan with water enough to cook; put on lid, and cook fruit until tender, then remove to a platter; make a syrup of a pound of sugar and a pint of pear-water; add juice of two lemons and the grated rind of one, and put in the pears; cook them for a few minutes in this syrup, then remove to the dish in which they are to be molded. Soak an ounce of gelatine for an hour or two in enough water to cover it, and stir it into the hot syrup; let boil up once and turn it over fruit through a strainer. The mold should be dipped in cold water before putting in fruit. When cold, turn jelly into a dish and serve with whipped cream around the base of pour sweet cream over it in saucers.

Mock Strawberries

Cut ripe peaches and choice well-flavored apples, in proportion of three peaches to one apple, into quarters about the size of a strawberry, place in alternate layers, sprinkle the top thickly with sugar, and add pounded ice; let stand about two hours, mix peaches and apples thoroughly, let stand an hour longer, and serve. - Miss G. B., Newbury port, Mass.

Oranged Strawberries

Place a layer of strawberries in a deep dish; cover the same thickly with pulverized sugar; then a layer of berries, and so on, until all are used. Pour over them orange juice, in the proportion of three oranges to a quart of berries. Let stand for an hour, and just before serving sprinkle with pounded ice. Some use claret, grape or currant wine instead of orange juice.

Strawberries with Whipped Cream. Prepare in layers as above, cover with one pint of cream, whites of three eggs and a tea-cup of powdered sugar, whipped together and flavored with strawberry juice.