Slice thin as for frying, let remain in cold water half an hour; put into pudding-dish or dripping-pan, with salt, pepper, and some milk - about half a pint to an ordinary dish; put into oven and bake for an hour; take out and add a lump of butter half the size of an egg, cut into small bits and scattered over the top. Slicing allows the interior of each potato to be examined, hence its value 22 where potatoes are doubtful, though poor ones are not of necessity required. Soaking in cold water hardens the slices, so that they will hold their shape. The milk serves to cook them through, and to make a nice brown on the top; the quantity can only be learned by experience; if just a little is left as a rich gravy, moistening all the slices, then it is right. In a year of small and poor potatoes, this method of serving them will be very welcome to many a housekeeper. - Mrs. C. M. Nichols, Springfield.

Potatoes a la Parisienne. Wash and rub new potatoes with a coarse cloth (avoid scraping if possible), drop into boiling water, boil briskly until done, taking care not to over do (if doubtful on this point press one of the potatoes with a fork against the side of the sauce-pan, if done it will yield to a gentle pre sure). Have ready, in a sauce-pan, some cream and butter hot, but not boiling, a little green parsley, pepper and salt; pour off the water from the potatoes and add the cream and butter, let stand a minute or two over hot water, and serve.

Potato Souffle

Boil four good-sized mealy potatoes, pass them through a sieve; scald in a clean sauce-pan half tea-cup of sweet milk and tablespoon of good butter, add to the potato with a little salt and pepper, and beat to a cream; add one at a time, the yolks of four eggs, beating thoroughly, drop a small pinch of salt into the whites and beat them to a stiff froth, add them to the mixture, beating as little as possible; have ready a well-buttered baking-dish, large enough to permit the souffle to rise without running over; bake twenty minutes in a brisk oven, serve at once, and in the same dish in which it was baked. It should be eaten with meats that have, gravies.