Refreshments For A Hundred

For a larger company of a hundred the refreshments maybe more elaborate: Two gallons of pickled oysters; two large dishes of lobster salad; two small hams boiled and sliced cold, five cold tongues sliced thin, twelve chickens jellied or pressed, each dish garnished with sprigs of parsley, slices of lemon and red beets, or curled leaves of celery, or the tender center leaves of lettuce; two gallons of bottled pickles or a gallon and a half of home-made; twelve dozen biscuit sandwiches; five quarts jelly, four gallons ice-cream; fifteen large cakes, to be made from recipes for rich fruit, delicate, layer, and sponge cakes; twelve dozen each of almond macaroons and variety puffs; four large dishes of mixed fruits; five pounds roasted coffee and five gallons water, which should be served at the beginning, and six gallons of iced lemonade to serve at the close.

Refreshments For One Hundred And Seventy-Five

Six gallons oysters; three small hams, five large turkeys, ten tongues; six chickens and twelve bunches of celery for salad; three gallons pickles; seventeen dozen buns, twelve loaves bread made in wedding sandwich rolls or in plain sandwiches; twenty-two large cakes; fifteen dozen large oranges sliced, seventeen dozen meringues, fifteen dozen pears, thirty pounds grapes; seven gallons icecream and four gallons lemon ice; coffee made of twelve pints ground coffee and eight gallons water; serve coffee at the beginning, and lemonade at the close.

Spring Picnics

- Cold roast chicken; ham broiled on coals; fish fried or broiled; sardines; tongue; hard boiled eggs; eggs to be fried or scrambled; Boston corn bread; buttered rolls; ham sandwiches prepared with grated ham; orange marmalade; canned peaches; watermelon and beet sweet-pickles; euchered plums; variety or bottled pickles; chow-chow; quince or plum jelly; raspberry or other jams; Scotch fruit, rolled jell}', chocolate, Minnehaha, old-fashioned loaf, and marble cake; coffee, chocolate, tea; cream and sugar; salt and pepper; oranges.

Summer Picnics

- Cold baked or broiled chicken; cold boiled ham; pickled salmon; cold veal loaf; Parker House rolls; light bread; box of butter; green corn boiled or roasted; new potatoes; sliced tomatoes; sliced cucumbers; French and Spanish pickles; peach and pear sweet-pickles; lemon or orange jelly; strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries; lemonade; soda-beer or raspberry vinegar; coffee and tea; ice-cream; lemon or strawberry-ice; sponge, white, Buckeye, or lemon cake; watermelon, muskmelon, nutmeg-melon.

Fall Picnics

- Broiled prairie chicken; fish chowder; clam chowder; clams roasted or fried; beef omelet; cold veal roast; sardines; cold roast chicken; pot of pork and beans; rusk, Minnesota rolls, Boston brown bread; potatoes, Irish or sweet, roasted in ashes; egg sandwiches (hard-boiled eggs, sliced, sprinkled with pepper and salt, and put between buttered bread); mangoes; piccalilli; Chili sauce; quince marmalade; baked apples; musk and nutmeg-melon; crab apple jelly; grape jelly; black, orange, velvet, sponge, and three-ply cake; combination pie.