To a cup of rice boiled in a custard-kettle in a pint of water (seasoned well with salt) until dry, add a pint of milk in which a little corn starch has been dissolved, and boil again; add the yolks of two eggs beaten with half a cup of sugar, stir well together, and lastly add the juice and grated rind of one lemon. Place in a dish, and bake slowly in the oven; when done, spread over the top the whites beaten with two table-spoons sugar, and brown in oven. A cup of raisins may be added just before baking. Or, after boiling the rice with the milk, eggs, and sugar, add a lump of butter and place a layer of the rice, about an inch thick, in a buttered dish sprinkled with bread-crumbs, then a layer of peaches (either fresh or canned), repeating until dish is full, leaving rice for the last layer; bake slowly for half an hour, and when done, cover with the beaten whites, as above. Or, after preparing the rice as above, add pine-apple, chopped fine, or oranges, or dried cherries; mix thoroughly, and bake and finish as above. - Mrs. J. R. W.,