Rice Snow Balls

Boil one pint rice until soft in two quarts water with a tea-spoon salt; put in small cups, and when perfectly cold place in a dish. Make a boiled custard of the yolks of three eggs, one pint sweet milk, and one tea-spoon corn-starch; flavor with lemon. When cold, pour over the rice-balls half an hour before serving. This is a very simple but nice dessert. - Miss Louise Skinner.

Sago and Apple Pudding. Pare six apples and punch out the cores, fill holes with cinnamon and sugar, using two tea-spoons cinnamon to a cup of sugar; take one table-spoon sago to each apple, wash it thoroughly and let soak an hour in water enough to cover the apples, Dour water and sago over the apples, and bake an hour and a half.

Suet Pudding

One cup molasses, one of sweet milk, one of suet chopped fine, or half a cup melted butter, one of raisins, half cup currants, two and a half cups flour, half tea-spoon soda; mix well, salt and spice to taste, and steam two hours. - Mrs. S. W. Case, Minneapolis, Minn.

Apple Tapioca Pudding

To half tea-cup of tapioca, add one and one-half pints cold water, let it stand on the fire till cooked clear, stirring to prevent burning, remove, sweeten and flavor with wine and nutmeg; pour the tapioca into a deep dish in which have been placed six or eight pared and cored apples, bake until apples are done, and serve cold with cream. - Mrs. S. C. Lee.

Whortleberry Pudding

One quart berries, pint molasses, cup milk, tea-spoon soda, one pound and two ounces flour, one tea-spoon cloves, one of cinnamon, -and one nutmeg; boil two and a half hours. - Mrs. Emma Fay.

Sauces - Butterless Sauce

Place one half a gill of milk in a pan in boiling water; when scalding put in half a pint of powdered sugar mixed with the yolks of two eggs, stir until thick as boiled custard, take off; when cool add flavoring. Just before serving mix the well-beaten whites lightly with the sauce.

Cider Sauce

Mix two table-spoons butter with an even table-spoon of flour; stir in half a pint of brown sugar, and half a gill of boiled cider; add a gill of boiling water, mix well, let it simmer a few moments; serve hot.

Cocoa-nut Sauce. Two table-spoons butter, cup of sugar, table-spoon of flour, milk of one cocoa-nut, with a small piece grated.

Cream Sauce

One tea-cup powdered white sugar, scant half tea-cup butter, half tea-cup rich cream; beat butter and sugar thoroughly, add cream, stir the whole into half tea-cup boiling water, place on stove for a few moments, stirring it constantly, take off and add flavoring.

Cold Cream Sauce

Beat together one cup sugar and half cup butter, and add a cup rich cream. Stir all to a cream, flavoring with vanilla or lemon, and place where it will get very cold before serving. - Mrs. A. Wilson.

Plain Cream Sauce

One pint cream, three table-spoons brown sugar, and half a small nutmeg grated.

Every-day Sauce. To one pint boiling water, add heaping tea-cup sugar, table-spoon butter (see General Directions), pinch of salt, and table-spoon corn starch dissolved in cold water; season with nutmeg or vanilla, boil half an hour, and if good and well cooked it will be very clear. Or, to a table-spoon of currant jelly, add a table-spoon of hot water; beat well and add to the above just before serving, omitting all other flavoring. Or, add a tea-spoon of raspberry syrup.