Sand Tarts

Two cups sugar, one of butter, three of flour, two eggs, leaving out the white of one; roll out thin and cut in square cakes with a knife; spread the white of egg on top, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and press a blanched almond or raisin in the center. - Miss Clara G. Phellis.

Cocoa-nut Jumbles. Two cups sugar, one cup butter, two eggs, half a grated cocoa' nut; make just stiff enough to roll out; roll thin. - Mrs. Ida M. Donaldson, Springdale, Col.


One and a half cups white sugar, three-fourths cup butter, three eggs, three table-spoons sweet milk, half tea-spoon soda and one of cream tartar; mix with sufficient flour to roll; roll and sprinkle with sugar; cut out and bake. - Mrs. Mollie Pilcher, Jackson, Mich.

Rose Coloring

Mix together one-fourth ounce each of powdered alum and cream tartar, one ounce powdered cochineal, four ounces loaf-sugar, and a salt-spoon soda. Boil ten minutes in a pint pure soft water; when cool bottle and cork for use. This is used for jellies, cake, ice-cream, etc. - Mrs W. E. H., Minneapolis.


Two coffee-cups sugar, one of sweet milk, three eggs, a heaping table-spoon butter, three tea-spoons baking-powder mixed with six cups flour, half a nutmeg, and a level tea-spoon cinnamon. Beat eggs, sugar and butter together, add milk, spices and flour; put another cup flour on molding-board, turn the dough out on it, and knead until stiff enough to roll out to a quarter inch thick; cut in squares, make three or four long incisions in each square, lift by taking alternate strips between the finger and thumb, drop into hot lard, and cook like doughnuts. - Mrs. A. F. Ziegler, Columbus,

Fried Cakes

One coffee-cup of not too thick sour cream, or one of sour milk and one table-spoon of butter, two eggs, a little nutmeg-and salt, one tea-cup sugar, one small tea-spoon soda dissolved; mix soft. - Mrs. S. Watson,

Molasses Cake

One cup each of butter, sugar, sour milk and molasses, five cups flour, two eggs, one table-spoon soda, one of ginger. - Mrs. A. J. Palmes.