Scarlet Spirit

- Two pounds muriatic acid (22° B.), two ounces feathered tin, and one-fourth pound water. Place acid in a stoneware jar, add the tin, let it dissolve, and keep a few days before using. The tin is feathered by melting it and pouring it from a height of five or six feet into a pailful of water. This spirit is used in certain colors, particularly scarlets, orange, and pink.

Cochineal Scarlet

- For five pounds of wool, yarn, or cloth, take two ounces cream tartar, one and a fourth ounces of pulverized cochineal, one pound scarlet spirit; boil the dye; dip the goods, working them well for fifteen minutes; then boil one and a half hours, slowly stirring the goods all the while; take out, wash in clear water, and dry in doors or in the shade.

Purple Dye

For ten pounds of goods, use alum twelve ounces, muriate of tin one teacupful, pulverized cochineal two ounces, cream of tartar eight ounces. Boil the alum, tin, and cream of tartar for twenty minutes; add the cochineal, and boil five minutes; immerse the goods two hours; remove and enter them in a new dye composed of Brazil wood twelve pounds, logwood two pounds, alum one pound, muriate of tin two cupsful, adding a little extract of indigo, made as follows:

Extract Of Indigo

Take oil of vitriol two pounds, and stir into it finely, pulverized indigo eight ounces, stirring briskly for the first half-hour, then cover it up, and stir four or five times daily for a few days; then add a little pulverized chalk, stirring it up, and keep adding it as long as it foams. It will neutralize the acid. Keep it closely corked.

Light Silver Drab

- For ten pounds of goods, use logwood two ounces, alum about the same quantity; boil well, enter the goods, and dip them for one hour. Grade the color to any desired shade by using equal parts of logwood and alum.

Chrome Black For Wool

- For ten pounds of goods, use blue vitriol twelve ounces; boil it a short time, then dip the wool or fabric three-quarters of an hour, airing frequently; take out goods, and make a dye with logwood six pounds; boil half an hour, dip three quarters of an hour; air the goods, and dip quarter of an hour longer; wash in strong soap suds. A good fast color.

Dark Snuff Brown On Wool

- For ten pounds of goods, take camwood two pounds; boil for twenty minutes then dip the goods for three-quarters of an hour; then take them out, and add to the dye fustic five pounds; boil twelve minutes, and dip the goods three-quarters of an hour; then add blue vitriol two ounces, copperas eight ounces; dip again forty minntes; add more copperas, if the shade is required darker.

Wine Color Dye

- For ten pounds of goods, use camwood two pounds; boil twenty minutes; dip the goods half an hour; boil again, and dip forty minutes; then darken with blue vitriol three ounces; and should you wish it darker, add one pound of copperas.

Pink Dye For Wool

For ten pounds of goods, take alum one pound; boil, and immerse the goods fifty minutes; then add to the dye cochineal well pulverized three ounces, cream of tartar twelve ounces; boil, and enter the goods while boiling, until the color is satisfactory.