Stew currants, or any small fruits, fresh or dried, with sugar to taste, and pour hot over thin slices of baker's bread with crust cut off, making alternate layers of fruit and bread, and leaving a thick layer of fruit for the last. Put a plate on top, and when cool set on ice; serve with sifted sugar, or cream and sugar.

This pudding is delicious made with Boston or milk crackers, split open, and stewed apricots or peaches, with plenty of juice, arranged as above. Or another way is to toast and butter slices of bread, pour over it hot stewed fruit in alternate layers, and serve warm with rich hot sauce. - Mrs. L. S. W.

Fig Pudding. Half pound figs, quarter pound grated bread, two and a half ounces powdered sugar, three ounces butfer, two eggs, one tea-cup milk; chop figs fine and mix with butter, and by degrees add the other ingredients; butter and sprinkle a mold with bread-crumbs, pour in pudding, cover closely, and boil for three hours; serve with lemon sauce. - Florence Woods Hush.

Half-hour Pudding. Beat four table-spoons butter to a cream with half a pint powdered sugar; add the yolks of three eggs, beating them in thoroughly, then a rounded half pint of corn meal, and the whites of the eggs beaten to a stiff froth. Mix well, and bake in a pudding dish, well buttered. Serve hot with sauce.