Phil Sheridan Cake

Four cups fine white sugar, five of sifted flour, one of butter, one and a half of sweet milk, one tea-spoon soda dissolved in the milk, two of cream tartar, whites of sixteen eggs; stir sugar and butter to a cream, then add whites of eggs beaten to a stiff froth, next add flour, then the milk and soda; stir several minutes, and then add cream tartar and flavoring. This makes a large cake. - Mrs. Many S. Moore, Granville.

Spice Cake

Three pounds seedless raisins, one and a half pounds citron, one pound butter, two and a half coffee-cups sugar, two of sweet milk,, four of flour, six eggs, two large tea-spoon's baking-powder, three tea-spoons cinnamon, two of mace. - Mrs. Gov. Potts, Montana.

Snow Cake

Half tea-cup butter, one of sugar, one and a half of flour, half cup sweet milk, whites of four eggs, tea-spoon baking-powder; flavor with lemon. - Mrs. Wm. Patrick, Midland, Mich.

Snow Cake

Whites often eggs beaten to a stiff froth, sift lightly on this one and a half cups fine white or pulverized sugar, stir well, and add cup flour mixed with tea-spoon cream tartar; flavor with lemon or vanilla. - Mrs. Dr. Koogler, Connersville, Ind.

Ten-minute Cake

One-fourth pound butter, a little less than a pound flour, the same of sugar, six eggs beaten separately; flavor with mace and bake in muffin-rings. - Mrs. S. C. Lee, Baltimore, Md.

Tilden Cake

One cup butter, two of pulverized sugar, one of sweet milk, three of flour, half cup corn starch, four eggs, two tea-spoons baking-powder, two of lemon extract. This is so excellent that a "barrel" would not be too much of it. - Mrs. T. B., Chicago, Ill.

Tin-Wedding Cake. Rub one cup butter and three of sugar to a cream; add one cup milk, four of flour, five eggs, one tea-spoon cream tartar, half teaspoon soda, one-fourth pound citron. This makes two loaves. - Mrs. J. H. Ferris, South Norwalk, Conn.

White Part

- Two cups white sugar, one of butter, one of sweet milk, three and a half of flour, whites of eight eggs, two teaspoons cream tartar, one of soda dissolved in a little warm water.

Red Part

One cup red sugar, half cup butter, third cup sweet milk, two cups flour, whites of four eggs, tea-spoon cream tartar, half tea-spoon soda, tea-cup raisins; be careful to keep the red part around the tube of the pan and the white around the edge. It requires two persons to fill the pan. This is a very attractive and ornamental cake. - Mrs. Baxter.

Wedding Cake

Fifty eggs, five pounds sugar, five of flour, five of butter, fifteen of raisins, three of citron, ten of currants, pint brandy, fourth ounce cloves, ounce cinnamon, four of mace, four of nutmeg. This makes forty-three and a half pounds, and keeps twenty years. This cake is unequaled. - Mrs. C. H. D., Northampton, Mass.