For one pound of woolen goods, Magenta shade, ninety-six grains, apothecaries' weight, of aniline red will be required; dissolve in a little warm alcohol, using - say - six fluid ounces of alcohol, or about six gills alcohol, per ounce of aniline. Many dyers use wood spirit, because of its cheapness. For a Solferino shade use sixty-four grains aniline red, dissolved in four ounces alcohol, to each pound of goods. Cold water, one quart, will dissolve these small quantities of aniline red, but the cleanest and quickest way will be found by using the alcohol or wood spirit. Clean the cloth and goods by steeping, at a gentle heat, in weak soap suds; rinse in several messes of clean water, and lay aside moist. The alcoholic solution of aniline is to be added from time to time to the warm or hot dye bath, till the color on the goods is of the desired shade. The goods are to be removed from the dye bath before each addition of the alcoholic solution, and the bath is to be well stirred before the goods are returned. The alcoholic solution should be first dropped into a little water, and well mixed, and the mixture should then be strained into the dye bath. If the color is not dark enough after working from twenty to thirty minutes, repeat the removal of the goods from the hath and the addition of the solution, and the re-immersion of the goods from fifteen to thirty minutes more, or until suited; then remove from the bath and rinse in several messes of clean water, and dry in the shade. Use about four gallons water for dye bath for one pound of goods; less water for larger quantities.