The spice box serves the same purpose as the rack and cabinet, but is closer than either and equally convenient. It has a handle on the top and a clasp which fastens the lid in place. For keeping spices from waste, and for convenience, one of these contrivances is a great addition to a kitchen outfit.

A pair of good scales is a necessity in every well-regulated kitchen. Unfortunately for people who always want to get the full worth of their money, not every grocer and butcher is honest, and when the quality of goods is satisfactory there is sometimes a serious shortage in weight.. A good pair of scales is a little detective that does its work quietly and faithfully. If after all allowance for error that a reasonable man could ask, you find weights habitually sho."t, it is better and safer to try a new dealer; but if the dealer knows you have a weighing scale and use it, your weights will be full, especially if you pay your bills promptly.

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