Three eggs, one and a half cups powdered sugar, two of sifted flour, two tea-spoons cream tartar, half cup cold water, tea-spoon soda, grated rind and half the juice of one lemon; bake in dripping-pan. - Mrs. Eliza J. Starr.

Sponge Cake

Twelve eggs, pint pulverized sugar, one of flour, measured before sifting, small tea-spoon salt, heaping tea-spoon baking powder, essence of lemon for flavor; beat the whites to a very stiff froth, and add sugar; beat the yolks, strain and add them to the whites and, sugar, and beat the whole thoroughly; mix baking-powder and salt in the flour and add last, stirring in small quantities at a time; bake one hour in a six-quart pan in a moderate oven. This makes one very large cake. By weight use one pound pulverized sugar and three-fourths pound flour. - Miss S. Alice Melching.

Sponge Cake

One pound sugar, one of flour, ten eggs; stir yolks of eggs and sugar till perfectly light; beat whites of eggs and add them with the flour after beating together lightly; flavor with lemon. Three tea-spoons baking-powder in the flour will add to its lightness, but it never fails without. Bake in a moderate oven. - Mrs. Marp Reynolds, Hamilton.

Mrs. Jennison's Sponge Cake

One lemon, three gills flour, one pint sugar, eight eggs; beat the yolks of the eggs thoroughly, add the sugar little by little, and the grated rind of the lemon; beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and add them alternately with the flour, beating very gently and barely long enough to mix well; when part of the flour is in, add the lemon juice. Bake twenty minutes, in small loaves. - In the Kitchen.