Substitute For Casters

Casters on heavy chairs, tables, bed-steads, etc., are always getting out of order, and are very destructive to carpets. A substitute, which is a vast improvement in every respect, is a polished half-globe of steel with a screw projecting from flat side. This screw is turned into the bottom of the chair-leg. and the rounded and polished surface rests on the floor or carpet, and the chair is moved with ease and with almost no wear to carpets.

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A Spark Guard

Half the pleasure of an open lire is lost if there is not some protection against sparks that are more prone to fly out on the carpet than they are to fty upward. Guards are now made to fit any shape or size of opening in the fireplace, and are a perfect protection against sparks, while not materially shutting in the heat or affecting the draft. The frame is made of woven wire, and is lined with gauze wire.

Inexpensive Napkin Rings

- Cut a piece of canvas the size of a napkin ring, only larger, so that when stitched together one end may overlap the other and he cut in points or scollops. Work the canvas with beads, worsted or silk, as fancy may dictate, leaving space for first name or initials. Line the canvas with silk-covered cardboard and bind the edges with bright ribbon to harmonize with the embroidery. A pretty Christmas gift, and one with which the girls can busy their fingers.

Weather Strips

- It is often desira-ble to close the crevices of doors and windows with weather strips. There is now made, and kept for sale at all rubber stores, a strip which is well represented in the engraving, half an inch wide, ready for tacking to the edges of doors or sash. It is made of a narrow rubber sheet, curved over to form a cushion, and sewed to a thin strip of tin. Through the tin strip tacks are driven two or three inches apart, fastening the strip to the edge of a door or sash, arid the elastic cushion effectually shuts out the air, while not interfering with the use of either, door or window. It is sold in lengths of twenty-five to fifty feet, coiled as. shown in right hand cut, and is sent by mail post-paid anywhere at about five and a half cents a foot. Plenty of fresh air is necessary to health, but it is well to be able to control the currents and take them in when and where, they are wanted

Wire Flower Stand

- There are few ladies who are willing to forego the pleasure, of having growing plants or flowers in living rooms, and any contrivance that makes the care of them less burdensome, that disposes of them in a more compact space, out of the way of the men folks, most of whom care more for comfort than flowers, is worthy of consideration. There are many designs in flower stands now made in wire, very strong and durable, and yet light, neat and convenient. All are set on strong castors, so as to be easily moved, and the form represented here is so planned that all the plants may be easily turned to the light on all sides. It also gives room for a large number of plants in a small space.