- This is favored by intemperance, and by debility brought on by work in a heated atmosphere. Those who sleep in badly ventilated apartments are most subject to it. Most cases are preceded by pain in the head, wandering thought and loss of mental control, disturbed vision, irritability, sense of pain, and weight at pit of stomach, and labored breathing. The skin is hot and dry, or covered with profuse perspiration; the face bluish; the breath rapid and short; and the action of the heart " fluttering." In many instances the patient does not move an eyelid, from the beginning of the main attack until death ensues.

Carry the person attacked at once to a cool, airy spot, in the shadow of a wall, or to a large room with a bare floor, remove clothing gently, place patient on the back, raise head two inches by a folded garment, dash entire body with water profusely, supplying basin with cold water from two buckets, one of which is filled with water and finely pulverized ice while the other